Image by Simone Hutsch

Since a child, Amanda Ferber has always been completely in love with Architecture. In 2013, when she got into the Architecture & Urban Planning College, she got even more excited about it and began to "hunt down architecture" and save various architectural photographs in her phone, as references for the school projects. One day she realised  that she had already saved more than 1,000 pictures and thought to herself: "wow, the world needs to see these projects!"

So, on June 3rd, 2013, she created an Instagram account entitled @architecture_hunter and started publishing the projects which most amazed her. The interesting fact about it, is that Architecture Hunter was one of the first architectural pages to be created on the history of Instagram. 

Since 2015, Amanda already knew that Architecture Hunter was going much bigger than "just an Instagram account". She has always been very passionated about cinema as well. So, on 2018, she had the idea to start creating short documentaries about Architecture: interviews with the masters of this field, visits to projects and more. Ferber hired Amostra 55, a Brazilian Producer, to start together this project. Initially, the intention was to publish those videos os YouTube.


After a while, Ferber realised that Architecture Hunter could not rely only on social medias or video platforms. And that's when she came with the idea of creating Architecture Hunter's own platform where everyone in the world will be able to appreciate, learn and connect to architecture. The idea evolved, the team grew, and now an app with many innovative and interacting features is being developed. 

On 2019 Beatriz Charro was hired to be the stories maker, being the first member of Architecture Hunter's team. Her duty was to hunt for relevant content and design it for our daily stories. But due to her hard work, proactiveness, ambition and leadership skills, Charro was promoted to Experience Hunter, taking care of the company's big projects, like the events and virtual experiences (soon to be launched!)

On 2020, during the COVID-2019 Pandemic, Ferber made a big decision. She invited Matheus Gait, one of the owners of Amostra 55, to become partner of Architecture Hunter. She knew that to make Architecture Hunter grow, the company needed people with complementary skills. Being a young entrepreneur an executive producer, Gait had great experience on businesses, marketing and audiovisual production - and that's exactly what Architecture Hunter needed.

But besides that, Gait knew that Architecture Hunter also needed someone with more experience on the creative part of the audiovisual world. Someone with a keen and artistic look. He suggested Luiz Ferriani, one of the founders of the big producer Spray Media, to also be a partner of the company.

Today Architecture Hunter is a digital media startup empowering architecture & design through the hunt for what needs to be seen by the world. 


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