Since a child, Amanda Ferber has always been completely in love with Architecture. When, in 2013, she got into the Architecture & Urban Planning College, she got even more excited about it and began to "hunt down architecture" and save various architectural photographs in her phone, as references for the school projects. One day she realised  that she had already saved more than 1,000 pictures and thought to herself: "wow, the world needs to see these projects!"

So, on June 3rd, 2013, she created an Instagram account entitled @architecture_hunter and started publishing the projects which most amazed her. The interesting fact about it, is that Architecture Hunter was one of the first architectural pages to be created on the history of Instagram. 

Seeing that Amanda has always been very meticulous about everything that she posted, the page started getting noticed, each day, for more and more people. On December 2014, Architecture Hunter reached 100K followers. And on May 2017, its first 1 Million. Now, so close to reach 2 Millions followers, between them are some of the most respected architects from the world. Such as: Sir Norman Foster, Jean Nouvel, Marcio Kogan, MAD Architects, Fran Silvestre, Snøhetta, Henning Larsen, Pitsou Kedem, Chris Precht and much more.

Since 2015 Amanda already knew that Architecture Hunter was going to be much more than "just an Instagram account". She has always been very passionated about cinema as well. So, on 2018, she had the idea to start recording documentaries about Architecture: interviews with the masters of this world, visit to projects... Initially, the intention was to upload those videos os YouTube. But she knew that Architecture Hunter could not rely on social medias or video platforms.

And that's when she became with the idea to create Architecture Hunter's own platform where everyone  from the whole world would be able to appreciate, learn and connect to architecture. The idea evolved, the team grew, and now an app with many innovative and interacting features is being developed. 

It will be launched on 2020. Therefore, you must follow @architecture_hunter on Instagram to stay tuned with our exciting and upcoming news! :)


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