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Have you ever been to a place that made you wonder:

"Wow, this architecture is incredible, the world needs to see this!"? Because that's what happen to our team all the time.

A true Architecture Hunter is always willing to share

their experience with the others.


We are always hunting for the architecture that needs to be seen by the world. Whenever we visit a cool project, we always like to show it to our followers. However, our team will never ever be able to be in as many places as 2 million people. And there is so much interesting architecture to be seen out there! That's why we want to give you a share of our voice. We want the world to see the architecture through your eyes. We want you to be The Hunter for one day.

How to do it? Email us at beatriz.charro@ah.team following these steps:

  1. Email subject: "I want to be the hunter for one day"

  2. Tell us about yourself:

    • your name

    • where you're from

    • your occupation

    • what is your instagram username (so we can tag you)

    • and if you want to, you can send us a portrait or a selfie =)

  3. Tell us about the project that you are visiting:

    • who is the architect​?

    • where is it?

    • curiosities about it/what you like about it

  4. Attach or create a Google Drive link with videos and photos of your experience

    • each video must have 5 seconds minimum or 90 seconds maximum

    • 20 is the maximum amount of files that you can send us

    • videos must be in vertical orientation


Send you content and leave the editing to us! If we decide to share your experience on our stories we are going to reply to your email!